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Risians Technology is a squad of creative, innovative thinkers and passionate coders and designers, having experience of working with global clients who perfectly understand your business needs and come up with the best and out of the box solutions. We are a leading web development company and Digital marketing company in Dubai, known for our creativity and competence in website development services. We are passionate about what we do and have made a name for delivering smooth, flawless and user friendly working applications. So far, we have worked with top-notch businesses across various industries to build scalable softwares, mobile apps, e-commerce websites, custom marketplaces, and web solutions that are specifically tailored to suit their changing business requirements using the latest and proven technologies. We aspire to deliver dynamic and functional solutions, well suited to your needs. We’re driven by our passion for design and quality with a primary focus on user experience and customer journey map.

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Web Design Agency in Dubai

Top in the line Web design agency in Dubai: Risians Technology is your stop if you are looking for an innovative, futuristic and result oriented web and digital agency! What makes so unique and special is our extra-ordinary approach to our work and delivering trendsetting web designs. We consist of a skilled team, having expertise in website development, Magento ecommerce, mobile applications, social media and SEO services. Our track record of delivering highly functional and responsive web solutions have made us one of the best Web Design companies in Dubai. Our visionary approach looks beyond the immediate business needs but also anticipates the requirements as an extension of your brand's core promise in the future. We design and build web applications that will yield high results in the long run.



At Risians, we provide a whole range of offerings, from design concepts to product delivery. Firstly, we will kick-start a unique value proposition before getting started with the design or development. We employ various research methods to collect user insights that are necessary to adjust your product to your users’ needs. Our evaluation methods will increase the functional and business value of the product you are building. Our UX design team will help you grow conversion rates, increase time spent in the app and improve customer feedback.



Our process follows time tested methodologies with real world perspective, to help you create highly functional websites and mobile apps. There's a lot to do in developing a successful web presence, so understanding the various steps and the order in which they are performed allows the process to flow efficiently. Here's a typical development cycle.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

To us, it's not just work - we take pride in the solutions we deliver. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in all endeavours and aren't satisfied until projects meet our own personal high standards. Please take a look at Our Process to see how we will bring your project into existance.

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We Are Experienced

Our team is made up of qualified designers, developers and testers. When it comes to creating web apps or mobile apps that work, we really know our stuff. We use latest and advanced technology to bring ideas to life.

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Security Is Paramount

We follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally. Your Security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. We educate our team and our clients on cyber security to keep networks safe.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to deliver best quality. We do what our client love with pixel-perfection. All our services and products come with an unprecedented 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Critical Response Time

We listen to our clients no matter how minor their problem seems to us. We get back to them fast so they know when their problem will be resolved.

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We Make It Easy

Our consultant will connect with you to learn about your business, and the sort of app you need. Then they’ll help you get everything ready for your app to be created.

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24X7 Tech Support

We are always availabe to help and assist our clients unconditionally for any doubt or query with our best team support and services.

Our Core Services

Our Core Services



1000+ HAPPY Clients from several countries have chosen Risians Technology

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Our Rich Experience

We have worked on over 1000 projects from various industry verticals and can develop a benchmark solution for you.

Our experience enable us to develop, deliver and deploy solutions using latest tools and technologies that help businesses to reap maximum benefits from information technology.

High performance IT solutions that we provide offer the anticipated results and more.

Our Company

Risians Technology is a prominent IT company offering software, mobile apps, eCommerce stores, digital marketing, website designing and development services in multiple verticals.

We work on world's finest platform and latest technologies to ensure robust and seamless solutions for your business.

Our objective is to achieve 100% client satisfaction by offering reliable and adaptable IT solutions with end-to-end customization.

Our Work

Our Work


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Our Portfolio

Having 6+ years of developing experience, we have designed and built 1000+ of web and mobile apps for all types of businesses and commercial organisations around the world. Here are a just few of our favourite websites and some of our more recent works. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the way we work, please don’t hesitate to ask us.


Industries We Serve

We have worked with top-notch businesses across various industries to build scalable softwares, mobile apps, e-commerce websites, custom marketplaces, and web solutions that are specifically tailored to suit their changing business requirements using the latest and proven technologies.

Finance & Banking
Finance & Banking
IT & Telecom
IT & Telecom


Innovation Bottoms Up

When we mix organized Jugaad with our structural R&D and expertise, it can deliver commendable results that create value. All in all, risians_technology believes that Jugaad shouldn’t replace the structured approach to innovation but rather compliment it like bread & butter. It’s always about finding the right balance between top-down R&D vs bottom-up Jugaad innovation.


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Happy Customers

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We Promise. We Deliver.

Have an idea? Work with us and see how it goes. We promise to go the extra mile for every project that we take onboard.


Our Blog

our Blog

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How Our App Developers Solved A Big Problem at Risians Technology?

Saima 19 Jan 2022

We faced a big problem, and this is how our experts tackled the situation and solved the problem completely. Risians Technology is a renowned company in Dubai-based agencies in the digital...

2022-01-19 WRITTEN BY Saima READ MORE
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How To Convert Website Visitor Into A Customer?

Saima 15 Jan 2022

If you are starting an ecommerce business, you need a strategy for turning your visitors into paying customers. In the marketing world, this is known as a conversion. You’re converting your visitors from latent prospects into customers, and your conversion rate is how many visitors you convert into paying customers. Get best e-commerce website development Service that convert users into customer. 

Ensure your free content offers  to match your services

When you have more than one product, it can be difficult to structure your website to give the correct prominence to each one. Often you see websites with a variety of free content, but then they try to sell you something completely unrelated. This gap creates waste, as the net is too wide. At other times, the free content actually matches the paid products but the middle layer of lead magnets doesn’t demonstrate this clearly enough. Especially for service based websites, freebies are a great way to develop trust with the visitor and increase the likelihood they purchase.

Use your existing marketing automation or website engagement tool to track anonymous visitors.

This can be done by integrating the JavaScript of these tools on your website. Each time a new user visits your website, the marketing automation platform will assign a unique ID to each user and start maintaining the user profile.

Get the visitors’ consent to send web push notifications

Did you know that the opt-in/subscription rate for web push notifications is around 5-10% depending upon the industry?

Enable web push notifications so that interested website visitors can give consent by clicking the ‘ALLOW’ button & receive updates even without sharing any user identification. So, now you have a way to reach out to these potential customers.


Segment your anonymous website visitors

Segment your anonymous visitors basis the subscription date & define frequency before pushing the campaigns. The higher the recency, the higher should be the frequency of web notifications to these anonymous visitors.

Systematically A/B Test

A/B testing using professional software means the conditions are kept stable and reliable conclusions can be drawn. It involves showing different users different options and tracking the data on their engagement. If you use WordPress, then MonsterInsights enhanced with Google Optimize is the best option. Here you create “experiences” where the same URL could take the user to any of a number of different page variants. If you have enough traffic, you can support multiple different pages at once to speed up the process. Yet if your existing visitor base is small, it’s better to stick to just a version A and a version B. Once you launch the experiment, you’ll be able to see at a glance a comparison based on conversion rate. Google even calculates the probability of a certain option being the best one to avoid you needing to do the hard work with the mathematics. The opportunities are endless, depending on what your website is. For a physical product-based website, you can test out different product images to see what converts the best. You can test out many versions of sales copy. There’s the potential to go down to the most micro-level for testing. Another option is to combine A/B tests with vcita’s popup customization to find out what popup works best on each page.

Track your visitors’ location with their consent

Another important point can be tracking your visitors’ location (if they give consent), especially retail/food delivering brands promoting a localized offer. Imagine a grocery delivery brand sending a web-notification to remind about buying monthly groceries from nearby stores in the first week of the month basis the location of these anonymous visitors.

Display web pop-ups based on user’s actions and behavior

Web pop-ups tend to get a 25-30%+ click rate depending upon the context of the message. Use web pop-ups to define intervention based on users’ website browsing history & onsite activity. How? You can display web pop-ups based on:

The number of visits

For example, for a first time visitor, show 10% OFF, for a second-time visitor, show the recently viewed product with an introductory offer/discount.

Implement Live Chat

The last few years have seen the adoption of live chat by both companies and consumers expand exponentially. Companies, on the other hand, love it because it’s so cost-effective (Virgin Atlantic stated that “one live chat agent can typically do the work of about 15 customer specialists who are handling emails and calls.”)

Live chat is an excellent tool for turning visitors into customers, primarily because it allows you to intervene before an undecided customer abandons their purchase.

A key feature of most live chat software is page tracking, which enables you to create “triggers” that will initiate the conversation with a customer when their activity signals they’re having a problem with the site or their purchase. Of course, this isn’t foolproof – page tracking can’t read minds, and not every customer will accept help, even when it’s offered.


Testimonials are an excellent form of social proof because not only do they show that yes, other people are buying this product, but they show how wonderful other people think the product is as well

If you can bag a testimonial from a well-known face, do so (perhaps by giving free samples to industry bloggers). But if not, even a glowing review from an average Joe will still have a positive impact.


In B2B companies, displaying the logos of your current clients shows potential new clients that they’ll be in good company. Make sure to seek the permission from any clients whose logos you wish to use, of course, but if they say yes, this one’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Build a Blog

Blogs are big for your marketing. They’re another form of direct communication with your customers, and they help you build trust. Your customers have questions they need to be answered. Even as an ecommerce website, you can address customer’s concerns and pain points through a blog.

The more information and value you’re able to give them (no strings attached), the more they’ll trust you to be the best online retailer. Blogging regularly also makes your business seem active, welcoming, and trustworthy. It’s also a great place to showcase your best products in action.

Know Your Selling Point

What makes you different? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve heard about elevator pitches and how important they are. An elevator pitch is a short pitch that you’d be able to get through in a single elevator ride. When you’re selling online, knowing this pitch is equally as important as in-person.

The idea here is that less is sometimes more. Too much information can cause visitors to tune out. On an ecommerce website, people don’t have time to scroll through pages and pages of content. It’s time to really hone in on your selling point and what makes you stand out so you can quickly and effectively communicate this to customers. This is something that needs to come across in your store branding, homepage content, and even product descriptions.

Create an Email List

"Build an email list" may sound outdated, but they’re still a powerful tool for communicating effectively with your customers. Thanks to social media, many smaller companies feel they don’t need an email list. You already communicate with your followers on social media, so you don’t need any other method, right? Wrong. You don’t own your social media followers, and they can stop following you at any moment.

An email list is a direct line of communication with your interested customers. By collecting emails on your ecommerce website, you can nurture these users through the conversion process. They might not be ready to make a purchase the first time they visit your website, but they might if you email them a discount code in the near future.


2022-01-15 WRITTEN BY Saima
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If You Think People Don’t Scroll; Here Are Some Researches to Prove You Wrong!

Saima 14 Jan 2022

Not much has changed in our observations since we released our original research on the subject. Basically, users have no trouble scrolling, as long as the page is designed to accommodate it.

Because of the design of this page, we’d expect to see users not scroll. It isn’t because users of the site have something against scrolling. It’s because the way the page falls in the window, it looks like the entire page loaded.

When all the sections end evenly on the page, users subconsciously decide there isn’t anything else to look for and don’t try to scroll. Of course, if they don’t scroll, they miss important content. 

People do scroll, but put the most important content above the fold. Users know how to scroll below the fold, but they don’t spend nearly as much time there as they do above the fold. Make sure that the above-the-fold area contains your value proposition, but don’t try to squeeze everything in there.

Scrolling still provides better usability than slicing up lengthy content into several pages. 

If our clients are finding their users aren’t scrolling, we suggest they look for a reason beyond “Users don’t expect to scroll” and see if maybe the design of the page is preventing it. By going for that Cut-off look, they might find their users are suddenly happy to scroll.

Researches & Evidences to show you that people scroll.

  1. Chartbeat, a data analytics provider, analysed data from 2 billion visits and found that “66% of attention on a normal media page is spent below the fold.

  2. Heatmap service provider ClickTale analyzed almost 100.000 pageviews. The result: people used the scrollbar on 76% of the pages, with 22% being scrolled all the way to the bottom regardless of the length of the page. That said, it’s clear that page top is still your most valuable screen estate.

  3. The design agency Huge measured scrolling in a series of usability tests and found “that participants almost always scrolled, regardless of how they are cued to do so – and that’s liberating.” 

  4. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen’s eye-tracking studies show that while attention is focused above the fold, people do scroll down, especially if the page is designed to encourage scrolling. 

  5. On mobile, half of the users start scrolling within 10 seconds and 90% within 14 seconds.

  6. Upon reviewing the analytics data of TMZ.com, Milissa Tarquini found that the most clicked link on the homepage is at the very bottom. She also points out that polls and galleries at the bottom of AOL’s Money & Finance homepage get a lot of clicks in spite of their position. 

  7. Another eye-tracking study conducted by CX Partners confirms that people do scroll if certain design guidelines are followed
  8. Usability studies by the Software Usability Research Laboratory  show that users can read long, scrolling pages faster than paginated ones. Their studies confirm that people are accustomed to scrolling. 

  9. Jared Spool’s usability tests from 1998 tell us that, even though people say they don’t like to scroll, they are willing to do so. Moreover, longer and scrollable pages even worked better for users.

In July 2011, Apple removed the scrollbar from Mac OS X (it’s the default setting, though users can put it back). This clearly shows that people are so familiar with scrolling that they don’t even need the visual clue for it.

So to create a greater web experience for users, all we need to do is:

1. Segment key Information With Bullet Points.

Bullet points will enable the user to quickly get all the information they want: benefits, ways you solve their problem, and key features of a product/service -- all in a short amount of time. This will make your propositions more attractive and enable your user to get all the information they need. Additionally, you do not have to go the traditional route with a simple circle.

With tons of cool icons out there, you can also get creative with your bullet and help the reader further with images that represent your point. Why do this? Because it forces you to isolate the most important points you're trying to make without getting caught up in terminology or specifics.

One great example of non-conventional bullets comes from One.org. On this page, they use icons as bullets to highlight their accomplishments in a way that is easy to read. Also, notice the white space surrounding the bullets that allow you to focus on each section.

2. Use images (wisely).

People across the Internet are getting smarter and faster at judging company websites before deciding if they want to browse the site further. When they first visit your site, they can easily pick out a generic stock photo they've already seen elsewhere or that resembles the non-personal style of stock photography. Using stock photography can decrease trust and also stand out as generic and non-unique. Unfortunately, these associations carry over to your business as well.

In a case study done by Spectrum, Inc. of Harrington Movers, a New Jersey and New York City moving company, they were able to increase conversion on a page by simply replacing a stock photo with an image of the actual team of movers. They got the same increase in conversion and confidence to the page by adding a picture of their actual moving truck versus the stock photo. 

3. Keep your website pages consistent

Consistency means making everything match. Heading sizes, font choices, coloring, button styles, spacing, design elements, illustration styles, photo choices -- you name it. Everything should be themed to make your design coherent between pages and on the same page.

In order to provide your user with a beautiful experience as they navigate through your site, it is important that they know they are still in your website. Drastic design changes from one page to the other can lead your user to feel lost and confused and to lose trust in your site.

4. Use Hyperlink Differentiation

When you add a link to any page, you're saying you want the user to click there. Make sure links are easily identifiable by visual cues. Underlined text and differently colored text draws the attention of the reader and lets him or her know this is a link to be clicked on.

In a study done by Karyn Graves, she shows that the regular web user sees blue and underlined text as links and knows to click on them. Exploiting user expectations and what they already know about using the web is tantamount to success.

When it comes to hyperlink differentiation, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Sticking to convention can be your best ally here. A simple way to test how effective your links are is to blur and remove the color from the design and see what stands out. When hyperlinking, also stop to think about the length of the hyperlink. The longer the link titles the more easy to identify they are. 


2022-01-14 WRITTEN BY Saima
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Best SEO Extensions That Everyone Should Install

Saima 29 Dec 2021

SEO is a tough game. Things are constantly changing and the web is getting more and more crowded with competition.

There are three things you can do to keep up and stay on top of your SEO game. 

  1. Make sure you keep getting better at it. 
  2. You need to ensure you have the right tools for the job.
  3. You need good clients to pay the bills.  

We’re going to focus on the tools – not just any tools but extensions of the one tool we all use most regularly. 



Ubersuggest is a SEO Tool from Neilpatel that offers a variety of SEO Features. Using ubersuggest Chrome Extension we are able to get Keyword ideas, Volume, CPC, Keyword Difficulty, competition data, Domain Authority, Backlinks Data and more. Another cool feature about this SEO tool is that we can use it for our youtube Optimization also.


The LRT Power*Trust

LRT Power*Trust – are you still looking for the Google Toolbar PageRank replacement? Well, you can stop now. This powerful little extension from the Link Research Tools team in Austria does a great job at replacing it. It will assist you in assessing SEO LRT Power*Trustmetrics on-page, domain and top domain level. The LRT Power metric evaluates the strength of a page based on the number of links, while LRT Trust measures the trust of a webpage.


SERPTrends SEO Extension

SERPTrends Chrome extension helps to get dynamics on Google, Yahoo & Bing SERPs. Meaning that we are able to get each and every detail about a specific page in just a click such as Traffic details, SEM Traffic details, similar sites, Performance & More.


Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar

Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar  – Impactana divides social metrics into ‘Buzz’ (essentially social media likes and shares) and ‘Impact’ (in other words – links, comments, views and downloads). This is a fantastic tool for any content marketing research, because you can get a quick performance overview for any page you visit. 


SEOQuake Chrome Extension

One of the most used SEO Extension with 7,00,000+ Installs. It is one of the Free Tools available for SEO Professionals to Manage Keyword Density report, Keyword Difficulty Estimations, Keyword position, SEO audit, social statistics, Technical Audit, Meta Data, Backlinks & Compare Performances. Also we are able to get insights about Google Index & Cache data. It can be used in just a click, all we need to is install the above mentioned extension to our Browser and pin it. Once you search any query in google search automatically it starts functioning on its own.



Majestic Backlink Analyzer – this one is a classic and one of the best extensions for quickly evaluating the approximate number of links pointing to any page, domain or a subdomain you are viewing. In addition to link count, the Majestic extension also shows you their Citation Flow and Trust Flow, which are similar, in principle, to LRT Power and Trust metrics but represented as a score ranging from 0 to 100.


Ahref SEO Toolbar

Ahref SEO Toolbar Chrome Extension, a All in one SEO Tool helps to pull out on-page SEO reports, broken link checker, Canonical URL, Word count, redirect tracer, and country changer in just a click. Not just a simple tool we are able to do Complete website Audit & Competitor analysis with Paid Subscription.


Detailed SEO

Free Site Auditing Tool with detailed reports on each SEO Element. As the name itself indicates Detailed SEO, it shares data in detail. Using Detailed SEO Chrome Extension we are able to pull data like Meta Tags, Heading tags, Meta robots, canonical tags, internal, External links, OG tags, Schema Markups & More.


Ayima Redirect Path Checker

Ayima redirect path checker – is a very cool extension that lets you see the URLs your browser has visited on its journey to the current page on display. This is very useful to help identify redirect chains and the like.


Link Redirect Trace

Link Redirect Trace – another good redirect path extension but with more options. In addition to the redirect path, LRT Link Redirect Trace will also show you LRT Power*Trust metrics and the backlink count.



Mozbar, one of the most widely used tools by Many Experts with 8,00,000 Active installs. Using mozbar we are able to perform domain analysis, Domain authority analysis, Page Authority, Keyword Difficulty & SPAM score in just a click. This all in one Toolbar also helps compare link metrics, Find and highlight keywords & Export SERP analysis details to a CSV file.


Page Analytics

Page Analytics is an official SEO Extension from Google with 7,00,000+ Active installs. Using Page analytics tools we are able to see how customers interact with your web pages. User Click data, Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Avg time on page, Bounce Rate, and %Exit Number of active visitors & More.Since it is an official tool from Google, we can use our Site analytics account in simple steps.



The Mozcast extension will let you see the Mozcast temperature directly in your browser. This is quite handy for instances when you have forgotten to check the SEO ‘weather’ in the morning. Don’t let the next Google algorithm update surprise you!


SEO Info

All in one Free SEO Extension for SEO professionals Helps to understand issues as you navigate pages, performance data, AMP status. Some of the Cool Features of this SEOinfo Extension are Automated checks and validation, on demand checks and validation related to Technical, content & Site issues.


SEOStack Keyword Tool

Keyword Research can be more easy and fun with SEOsteak. It is a Free Chrome Extension that helps to find long tail keywords quickly and easily. We are able to manage our content marketing strategy & find long-tail keywords in just a click. Another cool feature about this Tool is that we are able to get keyword suggestions from multiple search engines and export them to a CSV file.


Meta SEO Inspector

Meta SEO Inspector is a Free Chrome SEO Extension aimed to inspect the meta data inside web pages, find issues and get advice to fix them. We are able to get insights about meta tags, structured data , the canonical attribute, the no-follow links, header hierarchy and so on.


Get the Best Digital Marketing Service and bring your website #1 ranking on Google.

2021-12-29 WRITTEN BY Saima
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