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Risians Technology is a squad of creative, innovative thinkers and passionate coders and designers, having experience of working with global clients who perfectly understand your business needs and come up with the best and out of the box solutions. We are a leading web development company and Digital marketing company in Dubai, known for our creativity and competence in website development services. We are passionate about what we do and have made a name for delivering smooth, flawless and user friendly working applications. So far, we have worked with top-notch businesses across various industries to build scalable softwares, mobile apps, e-commerce websites, custom marketplaces, and web solutions that are specifically tailored to suit their changing business requirements using the latest and proven technologies. We aspire to deliver dynamic and functional solutions, well suited to your needs. We’re driven by our passion for design and quality with a primary focus on user experience and customer journey map.

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At Risians, we provide a whole range of offerings, from design concepts to product delivery. Firstly, we will kick-start a unique value proposition before getting started with the design or development. We employ various research methods to collect user insights that are necessary to adjust your product to your users’ needs. Our evaluation methods will increase the functional and business value of the product you are building. Our UX design team will help you grow conversion rates, increase time spent in the app and improve customer feedback.



Our process follows time tested methodologies with real world perspective, to help you create highly functional websites and mobile apps. There's a lot to do in developing a successful web presence, so understanding the various steps and the order in which they are performed allows the process to flow efficiently. Here's a typical development cycle.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

To us, it's not just work - we take pride in the solutions we deliver. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in all endeavours and aren't satisfied until projects meet our own personal high standards. Please take a look at Our Process to see how we will bring your project into existance.

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We Are Experienced

Our team is made up of qualified designers, developers and testers. When it comes to creating web apps or mobile apps that work, we really know our stuff. We use latest and advanced technology to bring ideas to life.

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Security Is Paramount

We follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally. Your Security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. We educate our team and our clients on cyber security to keep networks safe.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to deliver best quality. We do what our client love with pixel-perfection. All our services and products come with an unprecedented 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Critical Response Time

We listen to our clients no matter how minor their problem seems to us. We get back to them fast so they know when their problem will be resolved.

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We Make It Easy

Our consultant will connect with you to learn about your business, and the sort of app you need. Then they’ll help you get everything ready for your app to be created.

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24X7 Tech Support

We are always availabe to help and assist our clients unconditionally for any doubt or query with our best team support and services.

Our Core Services

Our Core Services



1000+ HAPPY Clients from several countries have chosen Risians Technology

  • 45+ full-time employees

  • 1000+ Projects Delivered

  • 24X7 Tech Support

  • 06+ Experience

  • 1000+ Happy Customers

Our Rich Experience

We have worked on over 1000 projects from various industry verticals and can develop a benchmark solution for you.

Our experience enable us to develop, deliver and deploy solutions using latest tools and technologies that help businesses to reap maximum benefits from information technology.

High performance IT solutions that we provide offer the anticipated results and more.

Our Company

Risians Technology is a prominent IT company offering software, mobile apps, eCommerce stores, digital marketing, website designing and development services in multiple verticals.

We work on world's finest platform and latest technologies to ensure robust and seamless solutions for your business.

Our objective is to achieve 100% client satisfaction by offering reliable and adaptable IT solutions with end-to-end customization.

Our Work

Our Work


Technologies we work with


Our Portfolio

Having 6+ years of developing experience, we have designed and built 1000+ of web and mobile apps for all types of businesses and commercial organisations around the world. Here are a just few of our favourite websites and some of our more recent works. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the way we work, please don’t hesitate to ask us.


Industries We Serve

We have worked with top-notch businesses across various industries to build scalable softwares, mobile apps, e-commerce websites, custom marketplaces, and web solutions that are specifically tailored to suit their changing business requirements using the latest and proven technologies.

Finance & Banking
Finance & Banking
IT & Telecom
IT & Telecom


Innovation Bottoms Up

When we mix organized Jugaad with our structural R&D and expertise, it can deliver commendable results that create value. All in all, risians_technology believes that Jugaad shouldn’t replace the structured approach to innovation but rather compliment it like bread & butter. It’s always about finding the right balance between top-down R&D vs bottom-up Jugaad innovation.


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Happy Customers

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We Promise. We Deliver.

Have an idea? Work with us and see how it goes. We promise to go the extra mile for every project that we take onboard.


Our Blog

our Blog

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Why Website Maintenance Is Important?

Mr. Abbas 23 Apr 2021

The majority of the business owners know the importance of having a business website. However, most of them simply create the site and launch it. They don’t check back, avoiding the maintenance of the website. If you don’t keep your business site maintained properly, you are losing your potential clients and ORM (Online Reputation Management).

It’s the business owner's responsibility to keep a routine review for the Website to ensure that the website link, features, contact form, and images are working properly. Building a stunning, responsive, and user-friendly website is the first step to letting the people know that your business exists. The regular upkeep and adding new technology relevant to your industry increases the visibility of your business. Before discussing the importance of website maintenance let’s take a look at website Maintenance. Contact us for cost effective website Maintenance.

What is Website  Maintenance?

It’s regular checking of the website for website errors, issues, links, and keeping the website and upkeep. We should check the website consistently so that we can keep the website healthy, increase the website users and SEO strength along with search engine ranking.

Keeping websites maintenance is important for small and big businesses to grow the no. of user retention. It’s very easy and important especially for small businesses to stand out and stay one step ahead of the competition. Keeping the website maintained is easy, we just have to monitor the website regularly to ensure that all the functions, features, links, images, etc are in the right place and working efficiently. By adding new relevant technology to the website we increase the credibility of the website.

Quick Checklist for Website Maintenance.

Activities to be performed weekly.

  1. Make sure that all the pages are loading without having any errors.
  2. Keep updating the website software, plugin, theme, etc.
  3. Contact forms are working properly.
  4. Remove the Spammy Comments from the posts and pages
  5. Keep the Backup of the website.
  6. Check the broken links in the entire website.
  7. Make sure that URL redirection is working right.

Activities to be performed Monthly.

  1. Check the load time and make sure that everything is going right.
  2. Check the security of the website
  3. Compare the performance of the website with the previous month.
  4. Make sure that website has updated content.

Activities to be performed Quarterly.

  1. Check the website structure, layout, and design. And think about how we make it more attractive.
  2. Review the image and graphic.
  3. Review the website from the SEO point of view.
  4. Make some changes to the pop-ups, forms, and CTA (Call To Action) button
  5. Check the responsiveness of the website on all browser devices.
  6. Check is there anything that we can automate.
  7. Check up your back health

Activities to be performed yearly.

  1. Review that website has SEO optimized content.
  2. Check the renewal date of the hosting and domain.
  3. Have no pending work.
  4. Check the all top performance pages and check if they need any updates?


Why is Website Maintenance Important?

Keeps your website secure.

Now people love to do online sales and purchases of products and services, So online customer security is crucial.  Keep your website secure and collected information from customers. We should keep website security up to date so that hackers can’t steal your website data. It helps in boosting the ranking.


For a better user experience.

In this tough competition if our website is not user friendly and hard to navigate it means that we are losing our potential buyers. Well structured and user-friendly website is preferred by the online user because they can easily navigate the website and fulfill their requirement hassle-free.


Less Website Load Time

Along with good website structure and user-friendly, the website should be rendered fast. In this fastest and busiest world, nobody doesn’t want to wait for anything, suppose we have an easy-to-understand and navigate the website but the load time of the website is not good then the users leave the website. We lose the user and ranking as well.


Website Functionality.

After updating website software, there is a possibility of changes in the website functionality or break at some point due to updates. After completing the software update or any other it’s required to review all points of the website.


Modify the website content.

Have you ever heard that website can’t be completed truly and the same as for website content. As a business grows we should update the content, products & services according to the latest trends. Updated content increases the visibility and reach of the website to potential customers. New updated and interesting content is a major factor of website ranking and also increase brand awareness, trust and Website authority for search engines. If your website has old content and wrong information like your contact details then it is dangerous for your business because you can lose the customer's trust.

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Things to consider before hiring a Web Development Company.

Mr. Abbas 19 Apr 2021

In today's modern era, more than 70% of the population depends on the internet for their shopping, news, information about anything, etc. It doesn't matter in which business you are in. Now online marketing has become a spinal cord of the business. To make an effective online presence we must have a business website. A good website tends to promote business online along with the business brand.

Finding the right web development company for your business website is not easy. it’s a challenging task when you don't have technical knowledge. In the UAE, there are numerous web development companies. To find the best for business we are telling useful hints and information.

Useful tips and hints to find the best suitable web development company for your business among the no. of companies and agencies.

    1. Understand Your Requirements.
      Before starting searching, first, you have to understand what type of website will be best for your business. First, you should search on the internet about your competitor's website because in the online world website is the first impression for our customers. After that competitor’s research, we should think about how we can present ourselves better than the competitors to our potential customers. To Get free consultation contact us. 

    2. Set Your Budget
      As we know, a website is an online office and one of those things in which we can invest unlimited there is no limit. For Example. We have an offline office, to make the office beautiful and attractive we set a budget otherwise there are a lot of things to apply. Same as on a website, we can provide many customized functions.

    3. Ask Question
      Before hiring a developer, we should ask questions from the developer as much as we can. You can ask the following question:-
      1.Have ever made any website like this.
      2. My budget is this how many functions and features you can give.
      3. This is my competitor’s website. How we can present our business in the different best way.
      4. How we can add more features to attract our targeted audience.
      5. How much do you news to build a website?
      6. Will you provide hosting?

    4. Check the Reputation of the Company.You have to do some search to know about the company.
      1. Check the google reviews and other social platform reviews such as Facebook, Instagram, etc of the Company.
      2. Ask for the contact details of the old client.
      3. Check out the website, etc.

    5. Security And Privacy policy
      Some web development projects need business confidential data to study the business process deeply. If you are in this then you must sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with them. Because every business has some business confidential data which is not for the public or customers. NDA agreement ensures the data is in safe hands.


  1. Check the Experience
    Before finalizing, you should examine the experience of the designer. Ensure that the designer has a good enough working experience and perfect for your venture that you are hoping for.

  2. Understand and Target the Audience.
    Every business is unique and the operating system is also unique to target the business-related audience. Uniqueness is one of the big factors of success. Get added the features and functionality that uniquely represent your business and your developer can do this.

  3. Website Content Should be SEO and User-Friendly.
    Website content and SEO are one of the most important features of the website. These are two important things that help in the website’s ranking. Website owners must hire only that developers who can fulfill the norms and conditions of the SEO and related issues to it. The best development companies have the best team of developers and designers who perform every step strategically.

  4. Website Size and Style
    If you think your work here is done then you are wrong. You have to work with a designer efficiently. Every designer has a different style of thinking, thus they have a different perception regarding the website design and the size. Some developers look minimalistic, On the other hand, some look towards the bright and bold. That’s why you work with them continuously in order to get made the website as per your need and requirement.

  5. Implementation of the Latest Technology.
    The development company should know the implementation process of the updated technology. It’s ensured that your website would be updated with the new features and functionality and the site would not be lag behind in the future.

  6. Save Money and Time.
    When you hire an experienced Development Company in Dubai. It means you are saving your time and money for a long period of time. By using developer expertise you save your time in accomplishing your goal in less time. Quality developed and designed websites make sure you don’t need to rectify your site in the future for poor code, feature, layout, and functionality.

If you have any doubt, queries and want a free consultation to feel free to contact Risians Technology. It would be our pleasure to hear you and guide you.  Risians technology is a leading web development and digital marketing company, located in Dubai. We have the best development team in Dubai that has the caliber to take care of any kind of website while building a website our developers keep in mind SEO Norms and conditions.

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Importance of a Website For Business

Mr. Abbas 20 Apr 2021

As we all know that now we are living in the digital world. Here everything is online from shopping to apply for education. A website is crucial for any business. A business website is a presentation, meeting, impression for your online potential buyers. It doesn't matter in which business you are in. Having a website is very important to grow your business. If any business doesn't have a website then you are losing your online potential customers. A website is used for digital marketing strategies such as Google ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, and other digital marketing campaigns. Your website is your online office on the web for your online customer. With the help of a business website, we can market and reach extensive potential customers with a very cheap budget in comparison to the other marketing way.

The website provides the map and directions that bring the customers to our office and shop, for visitors to find their location easily. We present our goods and services with good positive content. A website gives credibility and also a positive impression that makes your business bigger and more successful. The interesting thing is that the size of your company does not matter. Website for small businesses is very important, not for a big one. It is accessible and available 24/7 So that your customer can visit your site at any time to know about your new and existing goods and services.

Some points regarding the Website are following:-

  1. 24/7 Support
    It's a tough job for any business to provide the customers’ support but providing customer support online is easy and more efficient than hiring someone. We can provide online customer support with two types, the first chatbot and the second is the FAQs page.
    1.Chat Bot - Via chatbot we can address the frequent customer question with the template answer. We can provide some other piece of information with the chatbot like information about services/products, signing-up procedures, and so on.
    2.FAQs Page - It’s common things and saves time and resources. We can provide a separate webpage for Frequently Asked Questions FAQs that contain the question with their answer and also provide some useful and relevant information to users.

  2. Information.
    More than 70% of the population expect that any business and brand have their own online presence where we can go and explore the new products and services, offers, etc. website is a captivating aspect of how it makes the information accessible for the users. Through the website, we can provide any information to our users.
    1. Give an update about the latest offers on products and services.
    2.Users can contact us with a contact us form for their queries.
    3. Our users can join the newsletter that gives updates about upcoming news and events.

  3. 24/7 Online Presence.
    The Main major benefit of the website is that it is accessible all time to anyone, anytime and anywhere even non-business hours. Users can access the site and avail all information, product, and service. Website is one of the major key elements for the business success because it stays all time one work and beautifully presents the business.

  4. Cost-Effective in Comparison of Physical Location.
    The physical location for a business needs huge investment for owning or having monthly rent. Expect location needs money for furniture, employees, interior, etc. In comparison to the website, we don’t need huge money to create a website for business. Via CMS (Content Management system) like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc we can create a normal informative website easily without anyone’s help.  We have to hire an expert when we are making hundreds of pages websites and e-commerce websites. If we are providing filters, advanced features, and functionality. The cost of the website is minimal compared to the physical office or shop.

  5. Visibility
    We can make website our shop, office, and showroom at very low cost. And users can visit our website anytime and anywhere even also on holidays. People can visit on physical location at working hours and are visible only for a particular area radius. At our online presence, people can visit any time, come from any part of the world, and have no bound of visibility.

  6. Business Marketing
    We can promote our online business at a very low cost via digital marketing. We can target our national and international audience easily. In digital marketing, there are many to reach out to our buyers like SEO, Google ads, video ads, social display ads and if we have a list of emails we can target with the email marketing campaign. You can target the audience according to us by using demographics like age, gender, location, etc.

Go and hire the best development company and get build your website and start growing your business and increase your brand awareness. Readout Also - Things to consider before hiring any development company

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