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We offer graphic design services across a large number of applications. From small promotional leaflets to large product brochures, our graphic design work is original, unique and captivating. Simply provide us with an initial brief and we'll do the rest!



Drive digital business transformation with our expertise in IT strategy and consulting, integrations, application deployment and implementation, migration, and more. We have partnered with software giants across the globe to support our customers to achieve innovation and success. Our UI/UX design services will enable you to maximize the power of your digital platforms, social media, websites, game design etc. and get the most from your technology investment.  Our UX Modernization Services deliver highly dynamic, customer-centric experiences through effective information architecture, responsive plan. We also pay heed towards content contextualization and customization which therefore enables effective customer engagement. Our skilled UX designers can modernize, test, optimize and execute impeccable user experiences for both enterprise software solutions and your product idea.

  • Conversions and migrations for various environment 
  • Reverse engineering of applications
  • Database Migration
  • Architectural Redesign
  • OS Migration
  • Functionality Improvement 
  • Re-scripting Applications & Integrations
  • Performance Testing
  • Re-hosting
  • Enterprise to Cloud Transformation
  • Language Conversion
  • EAI to SOA Migration

Our Services

At Risians, we provide a whole range of offerings, from design concepts to product delivery. Firstly, we will kick-start a unique value proposition before getting started with the design or development. We employ various research methods to collect user insights that are necessary to adjust your product to your users’ needs. Our evaluation methods will increase the functional and business value of the product you are building. Our UX design team will help you grow conversion rates, increase time spent in the app and improve customer feedback.


Visually pleasing, user-centred designs that work seamlessly across all digital platforms.


Cutting-edge discovery techniques allow us to pinpoint your unique customer and business needs.


We design an impressive visual identity along with a unified brand experience. From print to digital, we can reach all parts of your business.


User testing, feedback, and design iteration ensure optimized results and ROI.

Our UX Design Process

Discovery Workshop

Building great User interfaces takes a lot more than just conceptualization and design. A powerful UI must give a user an immersive experience about your digital product whilst unlocking an exceptional user experience. It requires continuous testing and a sound understanding of your users’ behavior, needs and problems and how to address everything through effective designing. Depending on the challenges and user expectations, our UI/UX designers will make use of the right tools, software and use collaborate with the team to use methodologies that drive results.

Customer Journey Map & Information Architecture

Once we have full knowledge of your business requirements, we begin to work on user experience design and journey map. Our designers along with art director will create detailed user journeys depicting different scenarios. By staying focused on the user experience part from the outset, we ensure your website/application viewers can complete their goals quickly and easily. Throughout this innovation, we begin to engage with technology partners by keeping them in the loop for decision making and requesting their expertise whenever needed.

Full Annotated Wireframes

Our detailed wireframes for websites, applications, product roadmap will form the cornerstones of your development process. We create wireframes at every stage of the development which is further reviewed by the stakeholders so that you can stay assured that no time or budget is being wasted. This will help us push for the best possible user experience – always finding ways to build solutions that are effective yet quick. Our wireframes are focused on designing the user experience, interactions designing, information architecture and data hierarchy. This allows our web and graphic designers to focus on what they do best – creating engaging designs

Why us?

Our team of seasoned UI/UX designers incorporate context and human factors in their digital artwork. Our designs are focused on the buyer’s persona and major consumer lifestyle factors and touchpoints are that our branding team conceptualize after learning your targeted groups. Here are the benefits you get:

  • Reduced product development costs
  • Drive market share and revenue
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • On-time deliveries
  • Unified enterprise experience designs

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