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Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Digital Marketing 2021-07-18

A keyword is not just a word that is searched by the user. It’s the primary thing that we have to find before starting any online campaign which is called keyword research. Any digital marketing campaign depends on the right keywords. We usually hear content is king, we agree content is king, but we can’t write apt content without using good keywords. With the help of keywords, we target an audience to promote our products and service. Keywords play a vital role between business and customer as a link between both business and customer. Right keywords help us to reach the targeted audience and also help our targeted audience to reach us.

Initially, businesses can’t afford the paid keywords tools, Today we are going to share the best keyword research tool which helps you to find the best keyword for your digital campaign. Before starting let take a short look at Keyword.

What Is a keyword?

It’s a word and group of words that we search on the internet. It may be anything like a question, single word, phrase, sentence, topic, etc. With the help of keywords, search engines, we understand the intent of the user and present the relevant result to full fill the user requirement. 

Best Free Keyword Research Tool And Use

  1. Google Adword -  Google AdWords is a Google platform where we run the Google ad campaign. To use Google keyword planner, we just need only Gmail ID to log in to Adword. After logging, you will see a screen where you have to click on the switch to expert mode as we mention below.

    Now, you have to set up your Adword account. Once you have done your screen will appear like the below image and follow the mentioned steps.

    By using these steps you will find the Google keyword planner.

  2. Keyword surfer - Keyword surfer is a 100% free Google extension to find keyword search volume. It’s the fast way to find the keyword and relevant keywords search volume.

  3. Uber Suggest -  Uber suggest is also one of the best keyword research tools. It’s liked by the SEO’s because it provides SEO Difficulty, top raked pages, and other important information. which is very helpful for the SEO campaign. Ubersuggest is the best tool to find top-ranked keywords, web pages, sources of the traffic of the competitor websites.

    Uber Suggest is not a free tool but it provides three times free searches in a day

  4. Keyword Shitter - Keyword Shitter is also a free good keyword researching tool.  In this, you have to enter your product and service name and click on the start job button then it will start showing relevant search terms.  You can filter the keyword by using a filter.

  5. Google Trend - Google Trend is also known as the house of Google. By using google trend we can find the trending keyword and topics related to your industry. It also shows the keyword relevancy in the market. It’s most useful to identify the changes in the search pattern of the keyword.

  6. Answer The Public - It’s is a prominent tool because it provides the prepositions, related searches, questions, alphabetical results. It gives full insight to understand how users can search a keyword in a different way. It’s very helpful to understand the intent of the keyword or topic that help alot in writing content that’s why content writer prefer to use this tool.

  7. Ahrefs - Ahrefs is one of the trusted and expensive tool that allows us to find all the backlinks and traffic from the particular link on the competitor site which very helps full to find the source of backlinks.

    It also provides keywords research option and allows the free users to use the keyword planner but you get only 150 ideas for the keywords. Interesting thing is that you can find search terms for particular search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.

    For the first ten keywords, it shows the KD (Keyword Difficulty) score between 0-100 that define the ranking difficulty.

  8. Keyword Sheeter -  It provides thousands of keywords suggestion from  Google. If you want thousand of keywords ideas quickly then it’s a perfect tool. It shows 1000 ideas approx in a minute and you can download free of cost.

    Here you can add positive and negative filters but they don’t provide the volume and trend.

Keyword researching is very important and crucial process. You can easily find good keywords by using free tools but it is time-consuming process and time is money. To get better keywords and get them ranked in Google you have to hire an SEO company in Dubai to making the right impact.


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