Best Tips To Choose Right Web Design And development company
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Best Tips To Choose Right Web Design And Development Company

Development 2021-09-15

In Digital Era, if you are a business owner and have no website means no online business. Due to increasing technology consumer behavior also changing. Now people before buying anything they check out the website. The website becomes a major aspect of business success. 

If you are a business owner and looking for a web design agency in dubai. In Dubai, there are 100+ web design and development companies in Dubai. Choosing the right company or agency for your business website has become complicated and confusing. If you don’t select the right company your website project can become frustrating for you. 

In our career, we have seen and heard about good, bad, ugly, and average about development companies. In this post, we are sharing some tips that help you to find the best design and development company based on our experience. We are not saying all the web development company is not good, our means to say not every web development company is perfect for every kind of products. 


Follow these factors to determine the best company for your online and offline success.


  1. Identify which type of website you need - Google your primary keyword to explore your competitor’s website. If you are a total newbie in online business and have no knowledge about it. Then you are thinking about what is keywords. In simple words, keywords are those words that we search on google (or other search engines) to get information, etc.

    By searching google you will see the list of competitors’ websites that is ranking at the top in google. Explore each website and check out the design. Content, images, website navigation, and write down each point how you will present your business name and product and service online in better way comparison competitors websites.

    Once you have completed work on which type of website you need. 

  2. Decide your Budget - A budget is very important to decide because development and design costs may be expensive. If you get development work start without deciding the budget then there is a 50% possibility that your website project can be stuck in between.

    There is no fixed cost for web design and development. Let’s take an example, You need single page website and you get quotes from the 7 companies, All the 7 companies will quote your different prices. We have experienced these things that’s why we are speaking. So before starting a search identify the type of website and set the budget.

  3. Search the nearby web design and development company - We know distance doesn’t matter for effective communication. But we recommend you find a nearby web development company from your location. Because you can communicate face to face with them. Face-to-face communication is a better way of communication to make them understand your requirement.

  4. Check the company Portfolio - Checking the company portfolio is very important to understand which type of and how many websites they have crafted. A well-experienced company provides you full details about the past work. In the portfolio, you have to check deeply following things;

    - How many websites they have crafted as you want.
    - Are websites live or not?
    - Is the live website user-friendly?

  5. Company Reviews - Reviews are also an important aspect to know about the company. But we don’t recommend you to read website testimonials. To read a genuine review you have to show some effort. To get a genuine review you have to check the company’s Google My Business page, Linkedin page, Trustpilot, Facebook page and etc. You can also ask them for other platforms except for the website.

  6. Additional Services -  Best web design is the first step of your online business. Once your site is live you have to continue the website maintenance and other promotional services. So that your website can reach your business online potential customers. You have to get other services for your online promotion like SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc. You have to ensure that a web design company offers these services or not so that you can get all services under one roof. Otherwise, you have to find another company for your website promotion.

  7. Get the Quotation - As we mentioned above there is no fixed price for particular work. Each company quotes a different price for the same work. Get the quotation from at least 5 to 10 companies and check which quotation is under your budget and can be in your budget after negotiation. Select the one company based on above mention point and start your online business journey. 


We have written this article based on our experience. We also offer web design, development, SEO, PPC, social media, etc services. You can also add us to your list. Our firm company name is RisiansTechnology.





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