CMS Vs Custom Development What to Choose?
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CMS vs Custom Development - What to Choose?

development 2023-04-17

It's possible that you've stuck with the same website layout for years. But, custom development or a content management system (CMS) should be seriously considered if you want to elevate your online presence to the next level. Businesses frequently must decide between employing a content management system (CMS) and going with custom development when creating a website. Both have their pros and cons, so you should carefully consider your own needs before settling on one. In order to assist you make an informed selection, this article will compare and contrast two popular options custom development or CMS development.


What is exactly CMS?

A content management system is a piece of software that lets users create, manage, and publish digital content, usually through a web-based interface. CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are well-known examples. CMS platforms come with templates and modules that have already been made. This makes it easier for users who aren't tech-savvy to create and publish content without having to write code.



- CMS platforms have user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for people who aren't tech-savvy to create and manage content.


- CMS platforms are usually free or cheap, which makes them a good choice for small businesses on a budget.


- CMS platforms come with templates and modules that have already been made, but they can also be changed to make a unique website that fits a business's brand.


- CMS platforms are made to be SEO-friendly, which makes it easier for websites to rank higher on search engines.



- CMS platforms come with templates and modules that have already been made, which can limit how much control a business has over the look and function of its website.


- CMS platforms are open to security threats and attacks, which can hurt the data and functionality of a website.


What is exactly custom development?

Custom development means building a website from scratch, without using templates or modules that have already been made. Custom development is usually done by web developers or development teams with the right technical knowledge and skills.



- With custom development, businesses have full control over the look and function of their website, and they can make a site that fits their brand.


- Custom development lets businesses make websites that can grow with their business and can be easily scaled up or down as needed.


- Since, custom development is built from scratch and can be made with security in mind, it offers a higher level of security than CMS platforms.



- Custom development can be pricey because it requires technical knowledge and skills that not everyone has.


- It requires more technical knowledge and attention to detail, custom development can take longer to build than a CMS platform.


Which option should you pick?

Whether you use a CMS platform or have something made from scratch depends on your needs and budget. CMS platforms are a good choice for businesses that need a website that is easy to manage and cheap, while custom development is a better choice for businesses that need a website with unique features and functions.


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In the end, both content management systems or CMS and custom development have their pros and cons. Before making a choice, you should think about your needs, budget, and technical skills. No matter which option you choose, make sure to work with a reputable web developer or team of web developers to make sure your website turns out the best it can.



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