Front end Development 7 Trends to Watch Out for in 2023
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Front-End Development: 7 Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Development 2023-04-03

Most people now access the web through apps, front-end developers will still be needed. Despite applications efforts to make websites obsolete, the front-end web development sector is thriving and expanding. 


Who Is a Front End Developer?

A front-end developer is someone who builds websites and other web-based software. Front-End describes the visual aspects of a website, whereas Back-End describes the underlying technical infrastructure. Front-End refers to the work done on the user's end and Back-End to the server's.


What are the trends of 2023 front end development?

HTML, CSS, and JS are the cornerstones of Front-End Development. The front-end developer's primary focus is on the user interface to make items the user can actually see.


Trends in 2023 front end for Web development are listed below:-


- Microservices vs Monolithic Designs

Ever since they became widely used in the middle of the 2010s, microservices have been sweeping the workplace. This survey by IBM shows that the shift to microservices architecture from monolith has become the norm in the world of web development. It's important to note that 77% of microservices users agree that microservices are a "time-tested approach of application development," suggesting that they intend to rely more and more on this technology in the years to come.


The phrase "micro-frontends" describes a novel method of incorporating micro services into user interfaces. The front end under this method is composed of several "micro services" that may be separately deployed by their respective development teams. This allows for the website to be kept up-to-date with minimal downtime, as each micro service can be deployed and updated independently of the others.


- Simple Page Apps

Users have come to expect websites to load instantly as connection speeds improve around the world. By eliminating the need for several page loads, single-page web applications (SPAs) greatly speed up the process of using web-based software.


The Stack Overflow Developer Survey for 2021 and 2022 shows that single-page application frameworks like Angular.JS, React, and Vue have been growing in popularity. Both of these polls placed React.js near the top of the list of most popular web frameworks. Since React is one of the key methods developers approach making SPAs, this not only indicates a trend strengthening the position of React, but also suggests that SPAs are on the rise.


- Autocoding

Since the introduction of GitHub Copilot, developers have been increasingly turning to AI to do coding-intensive jobs. This survey shows that 66% of web developers disagree that their profession is not at risk of being automated away.


Consistent with this optimistic outlook, 65% of respondents said they want to put GitHub Copilot to use at work because of how much time it saves them. This is another significant development that should be adopted, as it has the potential to significantly alter the routine of a typical web developer.



Progressive web apps have been widely used since the middle of the 2010s, and are now on the cusp of becoming a de facto standard in web development. Several JS frameworks have strong support for constructing PWAs, making it simpler than ever to create a single, accessible, and speedy web app.


We are currently in the midst of an operating system upgrade cycle, making the platform independence of PWAs all the more crucial. PWAs have been around for half a decade, but that hasn't slowed their momentum; they'll be one of the year's biggest trends in Web development.


- Server Side Rendering 

Although SEO is typically associated with back-end development, front-end developers must also accommodate this resurgent fad. Before the widespread adoption of server-side rendering for JavaScript, all web pages were hand-coded in HTML; this method has now fallen out of use.


However, recent SSR implementations have started to gain traction, with the web app being rendered on the server and subsequently hydrated on the client. SSR is typically used to deliver heavy web applications quickly, and it also has the advantage of being better optimized for search engines than a client-side page developed using JS. To take advantage of the power of an SSR backend, front-end developers will need to incorporate more static items into their webpages. When SSR is used, developers have a better chance of releasing fast, lightweight single page applications.


- Small Languages 

Small languages are small, lightweight programming languages with a narrow focus. Popular frameworks in WebDev, such as React and Angular, which are put on websites to perform a certain function, stand in for small languages.


This visualization from one survey corroborates the trend of increasing use of these frameworks year over year it also shows that many developers make use of multiple frameworks while deploying applications. To ensure continued employability in the industry, web developers of today must acquire expertise.


- Accessibility

More and more programmers are making apps that take accessibility into account as the globe adopts a more open-minded philosophy. The results of this 2021 study indicate that improved accessibility of websites, as perceived by web developers, would have a greater impact than enhanced assistive technologies.


As businesses expand their customer bases, it's imperative that aspiring web developers prioritize accessibility in their work. Semantic HTML allows for these features to be implemented, as does the creation of "lite" versions of websites for persons with slower Internet connections and screen reader support.


Where to find reliable front end development services?


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Conclusion:- These are front end development trends for 2023 and web development companies in dubai like Risianstechnology can support you in front end development services.  It is very evident that the field of current web development is still expanding and prospering. Even if autocoding technologies make coding obsolete, there will always be a need for a skilled front end web developer who can address user interface and user experience issues. 



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