Google Posts: A Powerful Way to Grab a Searcher’s Attention
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Google Posts: A Powerful Way to Grab a Searcher’s Attention

Digital Marketing 2022-03-26

Developing on the first page of specific search results can assist to interests like improved increased website traffic, lead generation, brand visibility, and more retail store foot traffic.

But these interests don’t happen in moments.

With specific searches becoming more than and more competitive, one way to improve your business stand out from the rest is through Google Posts. Get verify your google my business profile by getting our local SEO service.

What Is The Google Posts?

Google Posts is a type of content article if by Google through one’s Google My Business (GMB) listing. These posts develop as social media platform snippets similar to Tweets or Facebook posts.

Google Posts posts are shown in specific search results, as part of your GMB listing, at any moment a user searches for your business title. These posts also develop to local audiences when they search for branded keywords related to your business.

What’s unique about Google Posts is that it provides specific searchers with more detail about your business and its services or products. It’s an effective method to promote and advertise your business straight from the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Supporting the different types of Google Posts

To develop a Google Post, you must first put your business to Google. This needs you to have a confirmed Google My Business listing.

Demand your GMB account by doing the following:

  • Examine to or search “Google My Business.”
  • Enter your business title.
  • Group your business.
  • Submit a location or service field(s).
  • Add your contact information.
  • Decide if you want an email announcement.

Following you’ve gone through these stages, Google will require Confirmation. There is some way available to you to prove ownership of your business. The most effective way to confirm that you own the business is through e-mail.

Now that you have entrance to your Google My Business account let’s look at how your business can successfully make use of this marketing tool.

What can Google Posts be used for?

As a commercial and marketing tool, Google Posts can be used to promote events, share company updates, showcase current promotions and publish product launches.

In your GMB account, choose the “Posts” option on the left-hand side menu. From here, your business can bring out three different types of Google Posts:

  • Offers: Discounts, Promotions, and Sales being if by your business
  • What’s New: Seasonal messages Announcements, and other business-things updates
  • Events: Oncoming events that your business is hosting, participating or promoting in

As an add-on feature, each post type can be posted with a custom call-to-action (CTA). The CTAs available are:

  • Book
  • Order online
  • Buy
  • Understand more
  • Create Account
  • Call now

Using the right post statement and CTA can help drive the user further down the deal journey.

Google Posts optimization tips

Now that we’ve balanced the posting process of Google Posts, here are 10 key tips to create posts that’ll make your message stand out and capture a reader’s attention

1: Create Your GMB Account

Your Google Business Account is what you use to enter and optimize your Google My Business Profile Data. So, the first stage of optimization is to develop a GMB account and then alert Google to link it with your GMB profile. To make your account, go to and log in with your business's regular Google or Gmail account.

2: Complete All the Required Sections

By Finalizing each-every section of your profile, you're helping Google to rank you higher in search results and gain the number of actions users take when they catch on your profile. Some of the data to fill in append your business title, P.H number, Home address, website, posts, category and attributes, operating hours, reviews, products, services, and much more.

3: Make Contact Information Clear and Accurate

Secure your profile's business title and business location completely match your store's signage and other listings over the web. Google's algorithm often takes unpredictability into account when assessing the credibility of your business. Additionally, indicate both your regular and holiday operating hours to encourage customers to visit your business without trouble.

4:Optimize Your "From the Business" Description

The instructions report that appears below your business name in the GMB profile is frequently out of your control. It's an editorial review that the search engine writes to make consistency across the platform.

The only report you can operate is the "from the business" part of your GMB account. It appears below your profile, usually under the reviews part. To exactly optimize the "from the business" part, use all the available 750 characters and fill it with key detail. It's a good plan to repurpose content from your mission statement or "About Us" page and uses keywords people frequently use to find brands like yours.

5: Choose a Category and Attributes

Did you know that 84% of GMB profile views come from discovery searches compared to only 16% from direct searches? By choosing a categorization, Google makes available to you category-specific pieces, making your profile more successful and attractive. For a sample, a hotel profile will often be shown star ratings, while a restaurant can show a menu button or reservation. When choosing a categorization, be specific but don't overdo it. 

After selecting a category, Google will prepare you with a list of features to check off to describe your entity. These are unique features that possible clients could be seeking out, such as "free Wi-Fi" or "gift shop on-site."

 6: Add Photos to Google My Business

Uploading Photos to your Google Business Profile via your GMB account dashboard secures quality and signals to the search engine that your profile is online and up-to-date, simply affecting your search ranking. Google also serves photos in search results, boosting your visibility in zone searches.

Including images in your profile also improved engagement. As per Google, visitors are 42% more likely to pursue driving directions to a business on Google if they see images on its Business Account. For maximum results, consider adding at minimum one new image every week.

 7: Get Positive Customer Reviews

Google understands that customer surveys are the leading impact on user purchases, so they've made it a vital ranking parameter in their algorithm. For most searches done on Google, the top three local opinions that pop up (the "Local 3-Pack") are those with various reviews and high-class star ratings. 

  • To optimize your GMB profile with customer reviews, follow these stages:
  • Starts with your long-time, loyal clients to keep the ball rolling
  • Make it easy and hassle-free for customers to write reviews by creating a review shortcut link. 
  • Since most customers write a review when prompted, encourage your customers to leave reviews via text, email, social media, or in-person conversations.
  • Create a "Reviews" page on your site with a CTA to post one.

8: Continue Post Content to Your GMB Profile

Your GMB profile is all about events, announcements, offers, and products, just like social network platforms. Be sure to commonly make helpful posts in your GMB dashboard to display on your profile's "Updates" part. 

however, posts rise the number of actions your user can take once they land on your profile, sending a positive signal to the search engine to rank you higher. And since users have a higher idea on search engines than on other posting platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, they will more likely attract to your Google posts.

9: Ask and Answer Questions

Answering customer questions could make a customer decide to choose your business. Unfortunately, when people ask questions on your GMB profile, anybody can answer, leading to wrong info on your profile. Since you can't turn off the Q&A functionality on your profile, it's key to set up notifications to help you stay ahead of all questions and answers posted on your profile. You should also be take-charge and make a list of the most often asked questions as regards your business and answer them on your profile.

10: Add Products and Services

If your offerings are not correct on your business title, it's critical to add the products and services part to your GMB profile. Also, add content to your profile to assist it in ranking for more related searches.

When adding your products and services, including the name, description, and price. Typically, the full explanation shows up once a possible customer clicks on the product. Google may also link to your products from the category section.

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