How Our App Developers Solved A Big Problem at Risians Technology?
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How Our App Developers Solved A Big Problem at Risians Technology?

Development 2022-01-19

We faced a big problem, and this is how our experts tackled the situation and solved the problem completely. Risians Technology is a renowned company in Dubai-based agencies in the digital space. Many times we face certain problems, this was one of those times:

What was the Problem?

Most of the times meeting rooms were occupied, as a result of increasing number of clients and excessive workload. As of which, our teams faced too much of trouble in taking discussions. Sometimes, the meeting rooms were continuously occupied with back-to-back 2-3 meetings queued one after the other in every meeting room. But sometimes the meeting rooms were totally empty. Hence, it took hours for our team’s turn to come, we had to wait for a long time. Which resulted in ample amount of time wastage, and delayed discussions, due to which our team members suffered under too much pressure to complete the given task with in time limit.  We called it the “Meeting Room Crisis.” Everyone knew about this issue, not only did our team suffer due to this issue, but every other team was going through the same problem of the meeting rooms unavailability. As per our information each and every organization undergoes this kind of situation sometime or the other.

What Changed?

Our team experts took accurate actions against this situation, after facing the same problem for more than once in a week.  


Our team members are very much pleased after taking the decision of taking action against the problem. As the have worked out the solutions well, our productivity and efficiency have increased.

What Did Our Mobile App Developers do?

Our developers developed an app!  As a result, ‘Meeting Room’ came into being. It is an easy to access Flutter based app, it helps the teams to book the meeting rooms in advance. The app provides information of meeting room availability and the timings, etc.  of when the rooms are booked. 

You can easily access this app on your mobile, you will find all the desired information on the app and you can book the meeting rooms as per your requirement. The app features a user-friendly interface, that has all the information related to the meeting room, you only have to select the rooms as per your requirements. The app also shows a log of all the scheduled and conducted meetings.

Do You Need A Similar App?

As of now it is crystal clear that you need similar solutions for meeting room crisis 

This mobile app solves the “Meeting Room Crisis”!

Our experts have developed the Meeting Room app suited for our organization. It consists of factors like the number of conference and meeting rooms, down to subtle details like branding colors, etc.

Our experts build a customized app to suit your organization. All you have to do is to get in touch.

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