How to increase website traffic organically?
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How to increase website traffic organically?

Digital Marketing 2021-07-22

It’s a challenge for every business owner and Marketer that when someone searches related to their products and services then they land on their website instead of the competitor’s website. People love to use search engines, especially google to get information about anything. According to the survey, 70% of people prefer to visit websites organically instead of promotional ads. If you don’t have good knowledge about search engines guidelines and search engine optimization (SEO) then you should hire a digital marketing agency for your websites otherwise you will either harm your website or get penalized on the search engines.

In this post, we are going to share proven ways to drive organic traffic to your website.


  1. Write Optimized Content For Users:-    Often websites owners optimized their websites for the search engines especially for Google to get a higher ranking. They don’t focus on optimizing content for the users and forget the search engines metric that defines the user behavior like, dwell time, user retention, no. of users visit and etc. By using these matric search engines identify that website is helpful and not for the users.  Search engines love to give a high rank to those websites that fulfill the user query. 

    Now one question would arise in your mind. How to ensure users? Before publishing an article, we should understand our targeted audience and serve the informative educational in-depth user friendly content. We should write a proper article that covers the full topic and help the user. If you think that posting the longest article rank fast in google then you're wrong. Content should be easy to read, informative, and cover all points of the topic so that they get rank fastly. We have to give first priority to our users and then to search engines and both are important. 

    To bring traffic to the website, Always write for that topic that is searched by the user. If you select that topic that has no search volume then you will not get traffic.  For example - We have two topics: first “ABC” and the second is “XYZ”. ABC topic is searched by the online users and XYZ topic is not searched. Then tell me on which topic you would like to write, of course, ABC.

  2. Target The Long Tail keywords - Long tail keywords are a combination of 3,4 and more word keywords that define the user action like purchasing, and others action.

    Mostly, Long tail keywords have low search volume and competition but it’s more conversable keywords in comparison to short-tail keywords. By targeting long tail keywords you can rank easily and drive quality traffic. If you are not targeting then you are losing high-quality traffic.  Find the relevant long-term keywords and focus on them.

  3. Don’t Make On-page SEO Mistakes -  Some people have smith that SEO is dead but SEO is not dead. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to get a long term rank on the search engines and drive good traffic continuously. If you got rank by SEO then you are generating passive organic traffic on your site for a long period.

    While posting an article often people make some following mistakes in SEO.

    - Not Provide Image Alt Tag - Alt tag helps search engines to understand image intent and is beneficial for the ranking in the search engine image section.

    - Poorly Optimized Title And Description - Giving proper title and description is very important. It provides information to search engines about the context of the page and is very beneficial for ranking. When users search on google and another search engine first they see the page title and description on the result page and then decide to visit the page or not. 

    We have to provide an attractive and interesting title description related to the webpage that encourages the user to click so that you can increase CTR (Click Through Rate). CTR plays an important role in ranking because its effects on the ranking.

          CTR Formula = clicks ÷ impressions.

    The best length of the title is 50 - 60 characters and the description 130 - 160.

    Poor Quality Internal And External Link -  Never use the irrelevant anchor tag (use of the word to put link) to give an internal or external link. It can decrease your ranking and page authority. For example, your anchor tag is the best shoes for male but it has a doctor website link. It helps the search engines to identify how a page is related to others and improve the page authority.

    - Give proper Heading Tags - Use H1, H2, H3, etc in heading to make your content more understandable and readable for users and search engines. To optimize your heading tags try to use keywords.

    - Featured Snippets - In 2016, Google introduced the featured snippets to help search bots or spiders to understand the context of the page and answer the query on the search result page.  It’s also called Schema Markup. Featured Snippet is used by google not users. By adding featured snippets we increase the traffic and ranking in google. So check your website to see if you have added a featured snippet or not.  If not then add ASAP.

  4. Loading Speed - If your website takes a long time in rendering then the user will leave your site which leads your website bounce rate towards grow. A high bounce rate is a cause of dropping ranking and traffic.  Make sure of the Images, files,  website layout are correctly optimized so that your website loads fast.

  5. Quora -  Quora is a world-famous online place where people gain and share their knowledge and experience. It’s a great asset to drive high-quality traffic to a website. Thousands of people visit quora in a minute.

    Now, you are thinking about how we can drive traffic from quora.  It’s very simple: you can give answers to the questions and create your own space.
    To find a good question see the below image.

    Before start writing, you have to see how many people are following the questions to know the Answer.

    Choose the question which has the most followers so that you can reach thousands of people by giving one answer.

  6. Stay Active on Social Media - Stay Active on Social Media - We often sign up on social media but do not stay active on social media. Social media is one of the best methods to drive traffic, develop community and make new contact related to your business.

    We have to develop your presence on social media websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  We should post and share regular content which helps us to bring good traffic. Infographics, memes, and funny images are the best way to get posts viral on social media. In reality, mostly funny and memes drive the traffic from social media and also give an opportunity of getting viral. Once your post gets viral then you can’t expect how much traffic you can get. Stay active and post good quality content on social media.

  7. Video Content - As you know creating and recording video is not hard and tough work by using technology.  Text content is good but if we add a video to our content then our content will become a magnet for the users. Video Content is a good asset to attract new users and increase user spend time as well. As per SEO pro advice, video is the best way to grab the new user and their attention.

    After google, youtube is a second platform where people search their queries. Youtube is a good source to drive quality traffic to your website.  By targeting keywords on youtube you can rank your video and also have a possibility in google.  For many search terms, Google shows youtube videos in search results. Search terms like “how to connect the phone with tv”, “How to edit videos on iPhone”, etc.

  8. Join Online Forums - An online forum is a site where people share their knowledge, ask a question, experience, Solely make friends, and Promote something. An online forum is the best-proven way to meet your targeted audience easily and bring them to your website.  Find the good forums website and join them.

  9. Post Regular Content - Try to post consistent content without losing quality. More quality content builds positive trust and belief in the eye of search engines (Especially Google) and website users. More quality content forces the user to visit your site again and again, which increases the no. of user retention that is the biggest reason to increase your ranking and website authority.



As we think bring traffic organically is difficult, But it’s not true. fascinated website structure and quality content is key to increasing organic traffic. Quality Content means that content fulfills the visitor's query. To bring the traffic you have to work on the aforementioned ways, we know that it's a time taken process but we have to work for quality traffic. Understand the audience, find the low competitive keywords, understand the intent of keywords and then post the content that fulfills the user query. If you follow this then you will definitely get tons of traffic organically.



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