Tips For Making Best Product Pages
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Tips for Making Best Product Pages

Development 2021-06-08

If you are running an eCommerce website, your website product page is very important because it converts the visitors into customers and works as a call to action button. All we know is, that a good product page is very important for the e-commerce website’s success.

Product pages matter a lot in the e-commerce website. Let's take the example of why it does so: Suppose you are looking to buy an XYZ product and you visit two websites. The first website has a high-quality image of the product, detailed specifications, easy to navigate page; all variants are available, customers review, product videos, etc. If a website does not have a good quality image, detailed specifications, user-friendly page, customer review, etc.

Now, tell us from which website you would like to buy the product. Of course, the first website.

In this Blog, you will get to know the best way to create a prominent product page.

  1. Page layout - The product page layout should be attractive and user-friendly so that users can do the activity of viewing and buying easily on the page. If your product page is not user-friendly then users often abandon the website. Because no one likes to stay on non-user-friendly websites.

    Search engines also do not like it which impacts the SEO. Before building the page first do the work on the page layout. Use different layout types and finalize the best one according to your product to give a clean and organized look.

  2. Product photoIn online shopping, a user can’t experience the product physically. That's the biggest barrier in the online shopping industry. 

    Via product photos, the user decides to browse in the next step or leave the website. According to the survey, people prefer to see multiple pictures of the product before purchasing the product.

    We must add these things for more conversion:-
    Upload the high quality of the photo and allow the user to zoom out and in the image with high resolution.

    Upload as many as images you can and allow customers to view the item from all angles.

    - Use product video if possible so that you can offer the best experience for the product.

    - Upload the image that presents the user using the product like the user-generated photo. This type of image is more trustworthy compared to the normal product image.

  3. Product Description - Product description is another major factor for conversion. Description defines the value of the product.

    Before writing a description, we should write an attractive product title followed by an equally engaging description. The description should contain the following things:-

    Important features of the product.
    Product weight, dimension, etc.
    Material of the products.
    Instruction for product maintenance.
    About brand

    To get an example you can see the Amazon product page. Always remember to keep your description short and interesting by including engaging information.

  4. Mobile OptimizationAccording to the survey more than 50% of online shoppers use phones to shop online. Google also has updated so many things regarding the mobile platform. Google has separated the ranking system between the mobile and desktop. You should optimize your page carefully and suit the google mobile-first index algorithm.

    While optimizing we should consider these things.
    Analyze the page with a page insight tool to get the opportunity for the fast load.
    Use the minimum size of the images, video, etc.
    Avoid the use of a heavy JS script that increases the load time. Suggestion - Don’t use  JS and video in the above-the-fold content.
    - Mobile users navigate the page via their thumbs to make easy navigation page design for the mobile UX.
    Create easy-to-click buttons and give good enough space between the buttons so that users can easily click on the page from which they want to choose.

  5. Customer Review  People often check the review to know what previous buyers say about the product. The best practice is to use social proof testimonials and reviews. People prefer to see a review of the product before making a purchasing decision. We also do the same, it’s human nature. Product review helps the customer to clear their doubts regarding the product and help them to buy. To get the best real positive reviews you need to focus on the product quality and use.

    People often check the review to know what previous buyers say about the product. The best practice is to use social proof testimonials and reviews. 


Final Thought

We spend lots of time, money, and energy to build the e-commerce website and do marketing efforts to bring visitors to the website. If our website experience is not good then we can’t succeed.

Let’s take one example. Two salesmen visit us, one presenting a good product experience and the second one just showing specifications. So think, from which you will buy the product.

Make a website that creates a good user experience and engages online users and while creating a website doesn’t ignore the SEO perspective. We hope this short information helps you if you have questions or you can get a consultation from the Risians Technology IT experts. Our expert team guides you and covers every single factor and aspect. Our success is measured by our client’s success!



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