Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website
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Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website

Development 2021-08-26

WordPress is a very popular CMS (Content Management System). Being a prominent CMS, hackers specifically target to hack Wordpress Websites. No matter what type of website you have eCommerce, business, and blog. If you don’t take any action for prevention, your website may be hacked. It's a common complaint of the business owner about WordPress security. 

After successful regular testing on different techniques and methods for WordPress security., today we are going to share tips to keep your WordPress secure.

Tips to keep your WordPress secure

  1. Select The Good Hosting Company - Get the hosting service from that company that provides multiple layers of security, it's an easy and simple way to keep secure.

    Sometimes we get a cheap hosting service to save money on hosting, But cheap hosting does not provide a good security layer to save websites from hackers. If the security layer is not good it means we are welcoming the hackers to hack our website. Once a website is hacked then you can lose your data and your page's URL may be redirected to another Website.

    By paying a little more you can have good quality hosting that adds several security layers to your website and keeps your website safe from hacking. Additionally, it will speed up your WordPress website.

  2. Not Use Nulled Themes - Free is free, you can not trust on them blindly. If you use free themes then it’s necessary to check the theme. In most cases, hackers deploy their hacking code in the free theme that helps them to access your website.  You also shouldn't use cracked themes, it can be dangerous for your website.

    We recommend you use the premium theme. Premium themes are coded by highly skilled developers and deliver a good user experience. Premium themes provide more customization options in comparison to free themes. If you use premium themes you will get timely updates, full customer support, and if anything wrong happens with your website you can contact them to get help.

  3. Use Security Plugins - You can also use security setup plugins for auditing, monitoring, saving from malware, and tracking everything on your websites. Security plugin takes care of website security,  detects the malware file, and checks 24/7 regularly.  It includes file integration, failed login attempts, monitoring, malware scanning, etc.

    Do you know? Every day google blacklists thousands of websites due to malware. So it’s important to use a security plugin. is a good security plugin for your Wordpress website.

  4. Strong User Permission and Password - Commonly hackers perform their effort to use stolen passwords. It’s required to make the strongest and unique password not just for the wordpress admin area but also for hosting accounts, FTA accounts, database, and email accounts.

    Many website owners don’t like to use unique passwords because they are hard to remember. But now you can use a password manager to manage the passwords and you don’t need to remember passwords anymore.

    Before giving access to anyone you should understand the user roles and capabilities so that you can give access as per their work.

  5. Install SSL Certificate - In this digital world, SSL (Single Sockets Layer) is very important for every kind of website. In the beginning, SSL is required to make a site secure for some particular process like payment gateway.  If you enable the SSL certificate then your website uses HTTPS instead of HTTP. It makes information encryption which is more difficult to read and makes your website secure. If the website doesn't have SSL  then it’s very easy for the hackers to get all of the data in plain text between user and browser. This can be read by hackers easily.
  6. Use Web Application Firewall (WAF) - It blocks malicious traffic before reaching your website. WAF is a simple and easy way to protect your website and be confident about your WordPress security by using a web application firewall (WAF).
  7. Use Different WP-Admin Url - 90% of website owners use the common wp-login URL “”.  If you don’t change it then you may be targeted for a brute force attack to crack your username/password. If you allow online users to register as subscribers then there is a possibility to get spammy registration. To secure your website you should change the wp-login url and you can also add a security question.

  8. Disable File Editing -  WordPress allows you to edit your theme and plugin right from the WordPress admin area. Once your website is live we recommend you to disable the file editing by adding simple code in your wp-config.php file.

    // Disallow file edit
    define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );

    You can also do this by using the Sucuri plugin that we have mentioned above. You just have to hit on the Hardening feature to disable file editing.

    If your website goes into the wrong hands then they can easily hack your website. Any security plugin and other security ways can’t save your website because code is deployed manually.

  9. Set Limit Login Attempts - By default, WordPress allows us to make no. of times attempts. Hackers can try multiple times to crack your password by trying to log in with different combinations.

    You can easily set the limit of login attempts. If you are using a web application firewall then it automatically sets the login attempts limit. If you are not using a web application firewall then you can use the Login LockDown plugin.

  10. Keep Update Your WordPress - Keep WordPress updated is good practice to keep the website secure and healthy. Every update comes with a few changes and often it comes with security features.  By keeping updated wordpress you are saving your website from the loopholes and exploits attacked by the hackers to gain access to your Wordpress. It's also very important to keep updating your theme and plugins for the same reason.

We hope you will use this step to keep your website secure from malware and hackers. If you don’t take it seriously, your site may be attacked by hackers. Maintaining your website security is not hard, you can use a free version of the plugin that we have mentioned above. If you have any questions regarding the website feel free to contact us.


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