Top 7 pain points of e-commerce customers and their possible technology solutions
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Top 7 pain points of e-commerce customers and their possible technology solutions

Ecommerce 2023-02-09

There are can be cases when customers face issues with technical glitches! We will be explaining the issues of e-commerce customers. 

What is ecommerce development?

E-commerce web development, or simply e-commerce, is the process of making online stores available to consumers. E-commerce sites are highly valued by consumers; as a result, launching one can boost your business’s revenue.

What are the pain points and their solutions?

Unanticipated delays in logistics are a common source of dissatisfaction among eCommerce customers. Now while the customer pain points in ecommerce can be various as we will see. They all can be condensed into one occurring customers don’t get the desired experience they want from your platform. These problems that online shoppers encounter and the technical ways to fix them are detailed below.


?? Inaccurate product search system:- Customers increasingly assume that companies can anticipate their needs because to advancements in digitalization, particularly in voice search and intelligent filtering and classification. Customers want the platform to grasp what they’re looking for intuitively, whether that’s a broad term like “blue” or a more specific one like “dark blue.” If you’re making an e-commerce site or app, don’t make your clients work too hard to get what they’re looking for; instead, facilitate search via a variety of criteria, such as brand, regional language, lengthy product descriptions, product purpose, product name, and so on. Smarter A.I technology integrated into the e-commerce solution’s search bar means better results for shoppers.


?? No care about cybersecurity:- When it comes to e-commerce solutions, data security is a top priority for business owners. The key to boosting sales is demonstrating the site’s security. Now, on the front end, there are a number of ways to accomplish this, including the addition of trust seals like security certificates on the app’s conversion pages, offering customers the ability to request a refund, and providing a free trial period. The meat of the process, though, is behind the scenes. The features of the e-commerce technology software you select must be constructed with security in mind. As an example, multi-factor authentication can be used to verify that users that log in to your app are who they claim to be. A hack-proof app is more likely if the app’s backend is well-built.


?? Less payment gateways:- Customers who shop online want a simple checkout process, and one important component of that is being able to use their preferred payment method. The best strategy involves doing the seemingly impossible: figuring out which forms of payment your target audience prefers. Therefore, it is prudent to incorporate the most widely used payment options, such as debit and credit cards,Apple Pay, PayPal, Android Pay, etc. You can also provide your clients the opportunity to make a delayed payment by including Buy Now, Pay Later on your list of e-commerce technologies. Know what to look out for when integrating payment gateways into your app regardless of which payment based ecommerce technology solutions you end up going with.


?? Personalization Limited:- Adding a human touch to an online shopping experience is essential to its success. The evolution of personalized e-commerce systems means that it is no longer sufficient to just know your clients by name and birthday. To solve ecommerce pain points it will be necessary to look into advanced features like creating a technical architecture where the customers buying journey aligns seamlessly across devices, using Artificial Intelligence capabilities to analyse customer journeys and where they left off then using this information to build retargeting campaigns. Through these and other measures, you can demonstrate your dedication to your clients and give them a service that is both quick and easy to use.


?? Managing Bulk orders and returns:- The hassle of receiving the incorrect item and sending it back to the retailer is a common complaint among e-commerce customers. Putting money into an order management system is the way out of this predicament. One sort of e-commerce technology is an order management system (OMS), which handles everything from tracking product information and inventory levels to monitoring the progress of orders as they are shipped and fulfilled to providing customer support after the sale has been made. In the end, the OMS provides full transparency to both the e-commerce company and the customer on the order’s location and its return journey. Alternatively, block chain technology might be used to keep tabs on the supply chain and increase transparency in the logistics sector.


?? Bad customer service:- There seems to be a new ecommerce app or website popping up every day, making it harder for consumers to tell the real ones apart. Talking to the service’s help desk is how they intend to find out this info. Unfortunately, a large percentage of consumers report feeling uneasy and unsatisfied when interacting with Chabots because of their robotic responses. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence could be the answer to this problem in online retail. They are programmed to comprehend sarcasm, numerous languages, jargon, misspelt words, and even context. Better handling of call peaks, more tailored interactions, and increased revenue are all results of this.


?? Slow webpage load:- A poor web or app loading time is a major source of frustration for ecommerce customers, resulting in abandoned carts and even app uninstallations. Selecting a well performing native app or website, optimising images and content, decreasing the quantity of advertisements, settling on the finest server and caching tool, or going with a content delivery network are just a few of the options available.

Can I solve these ecommerce development problems?

Yes, of course you can solve these problems by contacting an best e-commerce development company in Dubai which can solve these problems easily for you.


Conclusion:- After reading this blog post you will understand problems which can be found in ecommerce development and how to correct it easily. 

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