Why is mobile responsive web design important?
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Why is mobile responsive web design important?

Web Design 2021-07-01

As we know well, mobile users are increasing rapidly because people prefer to use mobile for gaming, movies, apps, social media, and websites. It is important for the business to be mobile-friendly and responsive on all devices.  

Responsive design helps you to solve problems. It can render perfectly in small and large screen sizes so that users can access the website easily from any mobile device. It is a major ranking factor of the search engines. Because of these reasons responsive design is important.



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What is responsive design?

In simple terms, responsive design resizes the content, images, videos, and other elements as per user screen size. The website renders perfectly on the user device by the responsiveness that delivers a good user experience and enhances the spend time of users.

Responsive is also known as RWD design. It works via CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and includes the viewport and media query. We use various settings to provide several style properties so that webpage and website render perfectly on the user device Whether the user device is a mobile, tablet, and phone. 

Major reason why website responsiveness is important?

  • Low Maintenance Cost - Development of the Responsive website cost is a little bit expensive but it’s low compared to the two versions of the website.

    The maintenance cost of the responsive website is low in comparison to the two separate website maintenance costs.

    In this, we can easily add new pages and add new content to the existing web pages but if we are managing two different versions then it will become time taken and expensive.

    It saves our time and allows us to focus on other important areas of the business.  You also can add valuable, engaging content to enhance the user experience of the website and help you drive more traffic to your website.

  • Increase Mobile User TrafficIn past, Businesses used to build two versions of the website, one version for desktop users and the second version for mobile users.  Many businesses still do this which is time and money-consuming.

    But now you can create one responsive website that is perfect for all devices.  As I wrote above responsiveness is the major factor for the website ranking. If website ranking is increased then visitors also increase.

    The major thing is that it increases the no. of retaining mobile users when they search for the service which you offer because they remember the last time we visited that site and the site was easy to navigate and responsive.

  • Render Perfectly On Any ScreenAnother advantage of having a good responsive website is that it can appear perfectly on any size of the screen of all devices. No need to create two different versions of the website. It can adjust your website as per the user device screen. By doing this, you can stay one step ahead from your competitors.
  • Seamless User ExperienceGenerally, we think our website appears properly on tablet and mobile devices as it appears on the desktop but it’s not true. Unresponsive web design distorts the way of appearance in tablet and mobile devices. Content appears wider than increase, the huge size of the font, images, buttons, and other elements which become a pain for the visitors.

    After getting this experience your user will retain it on the website. I think they never come to a website.

    Always create your website responsive so that it provides a good user experience. Users easily navigate to the website and they convert the visitor to the consumer.

  • Help In SEOAccording to search engines, website responsiveness is the ranking factor because it delivers a high-quality user experience. A high-quality user experience increases the dwell time that boosts the website ranking. Google recommends responsive website design and it improves the SEO efforts.

  • Online Shopping With MobileOnline shopping is easier than offline shopping. In offline shopping, we have to drive the car to visit the shop and market. But in online shopping, you can buy at your home without going anywhere so tell which option would you like to select, of course, online shopping.

    According to the survey, 80%, people do shopping on their mobile phones. If you are selling products and services online then you can assume how much business you are losing just because your website is not mobile responsive.

We hope now you can understand the importance of responsiveness.  If you need any help regarding web development, design, and digital marketing you can contact us.

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